Monday, January 29, 2007

omg! the wienermobile!

sunday was just as boring as saturday which is fine with me but is really dull for you. i read a lot of a laurie foos book, watched many episodes of "columbo" and then took a short walk after i got this call from leff:

me: "hello?"
leff: "the wienermobile!!! it's just parked on some street!! gah!!"
me: "i am *so* there!"

and i was.

and that was all the excitement that i could handle for the day. because, shortly after the thrill of a hot dog shaped car? i promptly returned to book and tv, this time with lemonade in hand.

i watched four hours of "law and order" and i enjoyed every damn minute of it.

this morning, peel has been dancing around the keyboard, glaring at this picture of stardust.

if she could speak, i'm sure she'd ask "how the hell did stardust get that white spot on her fur?!? that's MY white spot!!"

no, really. she'd say that. and then she'd mention something about bears before she trotted off to eat some of her breakfast. HAHA! (sorry, inside jokeland.)

so now i'm left facing monday. if i wasn't waiting on packages, i'd probably head to the sculpture park. but i AM waiting on packages, so how i'll fill the day remains to be seen.


Lisa B said...

Did you get a wiener whistle?

When I lived in Madison, WI, (home of Oscar Mayer's wiener) I got bored of the wienermobile ...

r4kk4 said...

no. :( no wiener whistle for us. :(

it was just parked on some side street. the driver wasn't anywhere around.

i can imagine that you got sick of the wienermobile while you were in madison. (how long did you live there?)

i got sick of al gore's wig emporium when i lived in knoxville. but, strangely, when i lived near athens, tn, i didn't get tired of the large mobile cow at the mayfield dairy.

also, i didn't get bored with their factory tour either. and i usually got 25 cent ice cream cones at the visitor's center when i'd finished picking up my books at the library down the road.

erm, where was i going with this?

r4kk4 said...

oh, um, i forgot to give a link to al gore's wig emporium.

josephpeter said...

ha! the peel/stardust photo is sooo cute. i didn't even think of the "white spot"... and wait?!?! are you calling me a bear?

r4kk4 said...

hee hee! peel wouldn't stop looking at stardust's photo! it was pretty weird!

no, i'm not calling you a bear, doofus! jason and i have this joke about how the only word that peel can say in english is the word "bears". i forget why it's that particular word, but it is.

Anonymous said...

I spotted it in Cincinnati today ...

r4kk4 said...

that's so cool, axinar!!