Thursday, January 18, 2007

omg!!! a pony drawing!!1!, i talk too much about remotes and history for some reason

wednesday was a horse drawing day.

i'm hoping to turn that into a gocco print soon. it's too ridiculous not to.

since it was also a grocery waiting day and everyone decided to call me on the same day, as usual (it's like they PLAN it!), i spent a lot of time flipping channels.

the frowny button only blocks channels that we don't watch. it doesn't serve as a "thumbs down" colosseum era roman ruler button like i want it to. you know, something obnoxious comes on, i get history confused and say "we are not amused." like queen victoria, hit the frowny button and the show is thrown to the lions or is allowed to eat cake (again, history. what fun is it if you can't fuck with it?) to be replaced by "knight rider" if i'm in the mood for it. i mean, how cool would a button like that be?!? screw hdtv, i want a nero button!

(a brief aside: i used to be 15 minutes late to a drawing class every day because i was watching the last bit of "knight rider" instead of walking to the fine arts building. thankfully, my instructor understood my obsession with david hasselhoff's hair helmet and never questioned me after i explained the situation to him. he laughed at me every time that i was late but he never questioned me again.)

wow, this entry is going no where really slowly. i think i'll go back to sleep and try again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

you have the most fabulous "brief asides"!!!!

so funny.


r4kk4 said...

hee hee! thanks!

an aside for you-- my whole life is an aisde. haha!