Thursday, January 11, 2007

more domestic crap, some snow, trader joe's and a cat photo

yesterday i says to myself i says "self, we really shouldn't work on anything that requires use of our wrist since it's all hurty from repetitive stress." and then my self scoffed at me, called me a pussy, made us down some ibuprofen and start work on another needlework. "suck it up!" my self yelled! "we're behind schedule enough as it is!"

so yeah, needle and the damage done. har har.

anyway, it was flurrying last night. when leff got home from work, i talked him into walking up the hill with me to take some photos. (i didn't think that it would snow in lqa. the weather later proved me wrong but i'm still glad that i didn't wait around on it. i mean, that's almost as pathetic as sitting around and waiting for someone to call.)

here's a tree with a seriously bad hot spot on the right hand side. i coulda' done the dodge thing in photoshop to make it better, but i'm lazy. and there we are.

someone was really sad at the park that has an awesome view of magnolia. (i always forget the name of that park. sorry.)

i, however, didn't leave such a maudlin message. nope, i made hellsnow kitties!!

i made another one at kerry park. (i used a mold. don't go thinking that i'm some snow wizard or something cause i'm not.)

here's a photo that leff took of the city just so youse can see what it looks like when in snows in seattle town.

snow can only hold my attention for so long. which is why we ended up at trader joe's. it was blissfully empty so we were able to pick up some things we normally couldn't. like, fig flavored greek style yogurt!

and chile spiced mango slices!

(that's what i had for dinner. yogurt and mango. i was *so* very happy!)

we also got some bev

and leff picked up some curry mixes so it's curries for the next few nights! huzzah!!

and on that note, i'm cutting out. my wrist is hurting. but before i leave, here's the promised cat photo from the title.


Lisa B said...

Here's a tip: get an ace bandage and wrap your wrist (every time you embroider) as if you've sprained it (which means you take the wrap up and between the thumb and hand as well.) Yopu want it tight enough to be a little rstrictive but not tight enough to constrict blood flow. That will help keep you from continuing to injure.

Also, you can learn how to work the needle with your other hand and even out the stress a little.

Tell leffie great photo.

r4kk4 said...

that's a BRILLIANT ide, pants!! thanks!!

i should learn how to do all crafty/arty things left handed. or i should just get the damn surgery on my right hand. either way, i really need a back up plan for when i knock my wrist out of commission.

i'll let the leffstar know! :D!