Wednesday, January 03, 2007

kim family auction, candy, i like you

before i get started with my grumbling, i'd like to mention that bidding on the items in the kim family auction starts today. proceeds benefit the family of james kim. it's a good cause. please bid if you're so inclined.

but now on to trivialities. it's only the third day of 2007 and i'd like to forget that this fucking year has even started. but instead of dwelling on the annoyances, here are some photos of candy instead! gummy raspberries!

a big cherry wrapper!

(it's regional. i've probably mentioned it before. it has a cherry cream filling with one maraschino cherry inside which is coated with nuts and chocolate. not bad really.)

almond m&ms!

aaah! isn't that better?

another good thing is amy sedaris' i like you.

i finished it last night and i'm probably going to be making some of her suggested crafts today since everything that i've come up with on my own in the past few weeks hasn't worked out very well.

right, now to wait on the other grocery delivery place that, apparently, decided to join in the national day of mourning for gerald ford. *grumbling*


Brit said...

Don't know Big Cherry but in Oklahoma my dad used to always buy me Cherry Mashes, and sometimes he's mix them in a blender with vanilla ice cream!

r4kk4 said...

omg, i'm DROOLING!!! that sound *sooo* good, brit!!!

i'll have to try it with big cherry! mmmmmmm!