Friday, January 05, 2007

i'm boycotting 2007

sorry, no entry other than to say that i'm officially boycotting this rat fuck of a year.

more later once certain situations have played themselves out. and, no, i'm not mad at you, sugar lump. you're awesome.

(jenn, this has nothing to do with you. i'm glad that you're in town! i'm looking forward to dinner tonight!)


Irregular Shed said...

Super insta-hug™ to, well, not make things better but as a solidarity thing (or something).


Anonymous said...

i'm going by the lunar calendar. but friday one of my dogs dropped dead, and a friend's cat got killed by a dropping vcr, so yeah, this is a sucky time.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, shed!! super insta-hug™ really works! :D!!

super insta-hug™ right back at you! :D!

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm SO sorry, chotda!! it wasn't your puppy that had parvo was it? god, that's awful!

and your poor friend's cat! how terrible!!

it really is a sucky time. if i had some sort of purification ritual that i could do for you, i *totally* would!! i'll send you good thoughts though! and super insta-hugs™!!