Saturday, January 13, 2007

computeher, green tea ice cream and not much else

i'm pressed for time this morning so i'll just get right to the point. computeher has some really awesome 8bit music! if you're into this sort of thing, i'd highly suggest giving her a listen on either her site or on her myspace page. i particularly like "coco kitty".

friday was 8 ways out of whack. so much so that i couldn't enjoy sushi at sam's last night but instead had green tea ice cream

and diet coke for dinner. nutritious!

i might be hitting the model railroad show at pacsci later on today. but for now, i've got to deal with this pressed for time issue.


jqln said...

for whatever reason, this post showed up as *new* in my rss reader... i saw the green tea ice cream, salivated, and then checked out their music rocks!!

r4kk4 said...

that's bizarre! i wonder why it showed up as new?

anyway, yeah! computerher ROCKS!! i need to buy her cd!