Friday, August 28, 2015

the sky, the cat

it's the end of summer. the furin are packed away, the neighborhood brats will be back in school soon and i have a date with some cardboard boxes that need filling. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

as outdoorsy as i get

since i grew up in appalachia in the ass end of nowhere, i consider long amounts of time spent outdoors that are not related to gardening, animal husbandry, food or cash crop cultivation a children's activity. oh yes, i have hiked as in "packed in supplies for a week, repel down a cliff to get to a river that you ford and then set up camp" kind of hiking. i have also lived in tents for months at a time. but that was in college so, yes, kids' stuff.

now that i have given up childish things, yard work is pretty much the only time i spend outside and i cannot wait to stop doing that. to misquote richard ayoade, "i like indoors. it's where i live."

here're some pictures from the great backyard.

but, as stated, i'm much more into the indoors stuff. like finishing the becherovka so we don't have to move it, for example.

i'm making serious headway. it would go faster if i didn't go outside.

Friday, August 14, 2015

crazy busy

i don't know what has happened to this month. i just know that i have been really busy. last week we had fences put in, gutters fixed and the back deck refurbed. since there's finally some semblance of privacy, we've been outside a bit more lately. this little guy hangs out with us sometimes.

kim came over for a "bucket party". we grilled out and had a lot of beer and cider.

i have been painting. jesus christ, how i have been painting. it's nice to see progress though.

i have also been packing and making piles to donate, recycle or trash. found two furies. one of them is online and it is really goofy.

also made a quick trip to seattle to see leff's doc. HOORAY HE DOES NOT HAVE CANCER (cannot emphasize how awesome that is.) while there, i picked up a pack of the weirdo southern biscuits and gravy chips.

eh, they taste like a chemical gravy pack. i wasn't expecting more than that.

time to get back to packing!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

a hand mask and a donut

we've been doing tons of work on the house and are going to accomplish *even more* by the end of the week but that is boring and i am *so* fucking tired of thinking about house shit. SO fucking tired of it. that means you get a post about hand masks and a donut.

i picked up this hand mask at daiso during the natsu matsuri festival about two weeks ago. so forward thinking of me as my hands were rough from scrabbling in the yard.

just as described on the back of the package,

the gloves are attached.

and they have handy labels.

fits, a glove

these were fantastic!! 20 minutes after wearing them, my hands are super soft. i will be picking up a few more of these the next time i'm in the international district.

the other nice thing this past week was a cheap ass donut.

if you want me to be honest with you, i will admit to preferring these over the heavy cakeyness of top pot, etc. krispy kreme came late to this region and you can tell.

this conbini donut was close to being hot now though so no complaints.