Friday, August 14, 2015

crazy busy

i don't know what has happened to this month. i just know that i have been really busy. last week we had fences put in, gutters fixed and the back deck refurbed. since there's finally some semblance of privacy, we've been outside a bit more lately. this little guy hangs out with us sometimes.

kim came over for a "bucket party". we grilled out and had a lot of beer and cider.

i have been painting. jesus christ, how i have been painting. it's nice to see progress though.

i have also been packing and making piles to donate, recycle or trash. found two furies. one of them is online and it is really goofy.

also made a quick trip to seattle to see leff's doc. HOORAY HE DOES NOT HAVE CANCER (cannot emphasize how awesome that is.) while there, i picked up a pack of the weirdo southern biscuits and gravy chips.

eh, they taste like a chemical gravy pack. i wasn't expecting more than that.

time to get back to packing!

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