Saturday, August 22, 2015

as outdoorsy as i get

since i grew up in appalachia in the ass end of nowhere, i consider long amounts of time spent outdoors that are not related to gardening, animal husbandry, food or cash crop cultivation a children's activity. oh yes, i have hiked as in "packed in supplies for a week, repel down a cliff to get to a river that you ford and then set up camp" kind of hiking. i have also lived in tents for months at a time. but that was in college so, yes, kids' stuff.

now that i have given up childish things, yard work is pretty much the only time i spend outside and i cannot wait to stop doing that. to misquote richard ayoade, "i like indoors. it's where i live."

here're some pictures from the great backyard.

but, as stated, i'm much more into the indoors stuff. like finishing the becherovka so we don't have to move it, for example.

i'm making serious headway. it would go faster if i didn't go outside.

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