Tuesday, January 30, 2007

eat your heart out in two ways, a pacakage from japan!, a trip to ballard

since valentine's day is only, what?, 16, 17 days away, i've been thinking about hearts. oh, who am i kidding? hearts figure prominently into a lot of things that i make. i'm not sure if i lurve love, if i'm just being sarcastic or if it's a mixture of the two.

if i was betting, i think i'd put my money on answer number three. maybe. don't trust me though, i can't really pick the ponies like i used to.

anyway, hearts. yesterday i carved one out of an apple so it'd looked like i'd eaten my heart out.

and then i lit it with an led. because i can.

and then i took a picture of this nice cow drawing that was on the side of our sour cream container.

that has nothing to do with hearts. but, you gotta' admit, it's a pretty nice cow drawing for store brand sour cream.

while i was taking the cow photo, there was a knock at my door. guess who it was! my favorite postal worker! hooray!! "it's a package from japan!!" he said. (i have a sneaking suspicion that he's just as excited about the intl mail that i get as i am. in fact, he still doesn't believe that i'm from the states or at least he pretends to believe that i'm not from the states. it makes us both laugh.)

so what was in my package, you ask? why, i'll tell you! MATCHA KIT KATS!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!



check out the detail on his little paw!

and he has eyelids on his cute little eyes!

it's so close to the original komaneko that i gasped when i opened the box. i'm not embarrassed to admit that. (ok, maybe just a little embarrassed. but so what?!)

also included were these little lucky owls!

i'd ordered them with my gift certificate since i've got an owl thing as of late.

i also received a soybean plant with a message.

i think it's going to say "congratulations" when it sprouts in about four more days. right now though, it's only planting material.

what's truly awesome about the soybean is that i can repot it when it's finished sprouting. hooray for my very own soybean plant!!

right when i'd finished sorting through my jlist package, j called wanting to get lunch. since he's been on a phở kick lately (and he's caught yet another cold, poor guy!) we made the trip to ballard and than bros.

we met up with leff outside of verite/royale

where he was getting coffee with s and a. (hi, s and a! big tent!! big tent!!!)

across the street, i ate blurry veggie phở which was, as always, delicious.

um, it's not always blurry though.

after lunch, leff had to go back to work and j indulged me in a short trip to the library. it was there that i found a book about him.

ha ha! i'm kidding j! you're not contagious. ha ha!

seriously, just j/king, j.

and that was monday. komaneko and i enjoyed the trip back to lqa. well, at least until j punched him in the head after i took this shot.

today is a day for waiting on groceries so i'm not expecting anything exciting to happen. although there's a new "veronica mars" on tonight. so that could be fun.


josephpeter said...

Keep it up!!! I'll show you STUPID AND CONTAGIOUS!!!!

r4kk4 said...


i think you just showed me.



Anonymous said...

omigosh! what an amazingly cute apple carving!

r4kk4 said...

thanks so much!! :D!!

we get all these apples in our produce shipment and i never know what to do with them. then they go bad and, well, i carve! hahaha!