Tuesday, January 09, 2007

jalisco, etsysplosion

so you'd like a quick update on the world changing happenings, you say? i can tell you that things seem to be going pretty well! *fingers still crossed*

leff's been brushing up on his spanish. (i really need to do the same. it never hurts to be bilingual or even tri or quadralingal. (is that even a word?)) he's been using a podcast from scotland, so he's learning highland accented spanish. it's really quite amusing.

we celebrated our good news last night with a at jalisco.

this time we ate at the original restaurant and not the newer one located across 1st ave. i had the chicken soft taco combo plate. mmm!

i particularly enjoy this dish because the tomatoes make it look like my tacos have a face. also? it's tasty.

after dinner we had ice cream at dick's. i got peppermint which just happens to be a lovely pale red, green and white combination. it was appropriate in that it's almost the colors of the mexican flag.

ok, not really. but work with me on this one.

but enough about mexico. yesterday while waiting to hear more about the potentially good news, i bought many, many things on etsy. (sometimes when i get stressed, i buy prints. hey, everyone's got their quirks.) i purchased items from matty8080's, teriko's and lowclouds' shops.

yeah, it's a bit excessive but whatevs. like i said, everyone's got their quirks.

speaking of monetary items, it's starting to look like spring in my checkbook!

doesn't that look like a yellow flower? no? ok, squint just a little bit. you really can't see it? i don't think you're trying.

i'll leave you today with a maneki neko photo. because a little luck never hurt anyone.


Santos said...

omg, where can i find that highland-tinted spanish podcast??

r4kk4 said...

i'm not sure but i'll get the link from leff and email it to you! :D!

Santos said...

oh weird, every time i try to tell you how adorable you are as like horseriding champeen of the world, my comment disappears in the ether. expect a crapload of "ADORABLE!" comments from me soon, i reckon.

r4kk4 said...

that IS weird!! but it would be good for my ego. ;D

and, thanks!!! you're really too kind. i was just a goober on a horse. ;D