Monday, January 01, 2007


happy 2007!

i'm still soaking my black eyed peas so i can make hoppin' john this morning.

yesterday, a, leff and i ate and ate and ate. herbed baked eggs, limey potato salad, yogurt and, most importantly, soba noodles.

(of course i used the wrong noodles. do you expect me to get anything right?)

i didn't eat too much soup because 1) i wasn't hungry 2) i don't want to live for a thousand years like leff and a. because, honestly? 1000 years is just too long. i mean, for reals, a! (tee hee!)

peel joined in our festivities.

she also watched the bubbles in my champagne but i don't have any photos.

anyway, here's hoping that you have a wonderful 2007!! i'll leave you with a photo of my favorite, fizzy, rotating fireworks from the needle display.


Anonymous said...

1000 years might be a bit much, but more than 70-100 would be nice.

r4kk4 said...

i contend that 70-100 years is still too many.

i'm planning on about 21 more years before i kick the bucket. that would be right on course for the women in my family.

live hard, die middle aged and leave a mediocre corpse. that's the "deer" family motto. ;D