Sunday, December 31, 2006

books, sushi for some, starship poopers (look, a! i typed "poop"!), happy new year!

yesterday turned out to be better than i had anticipated. after the early morning unpleasantries, i picked up my held copies of i like you and dispatches from blogistan from the library. (i don't think i'll be doing more than skimming blogistan. a flipped through it and read some choice sections out loud. ah well, at least it's a loaner and not permanently on my shelf.)

i'm sure you've surmised that a dropped by yesterday. we had sushi at sam's! ok, he and leff had sushi. (leff's sushi is in that bento somewhere...)

and i had a tasty bowl of bbq-ish chicken.

mmmmm! blurry!

we also watched "starship troopers". (leff's mom got him a copy for xmas.) i'm *so* glad that i didn't catch that when it was in theaters. i mean, for christ's sake! gas the damn planet with bug spray and get it over with! jesus!

today? it's soba noodle time! this year i'm making sure that we have soba and not udon like last new year's.

it's also a day for eggs. possibly herbed baked eggs or maybe omelettes. i also have to whip up a batch of hoppin john for new year's day and then find time for a bit of ritual new year's cleaning.

oh, and after that i have to drink and then watch the fireworks.

i guess that means, happy two deer!

er, i mean, happy new year! see you in 2007!

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