Saturday, December 16, 2006

more cupcakes, sam's sushi, girl drink drunk, ho ho ho hatted

i'm about to break one of the cardinal rules of blogging. you know, the one that goes "thou shalt not blog while still drunk, yea verily, forsooth, etc." so if there are more typos than usual, please cutteth me some slack.

friday i baked a dozen carrot cupcakes with ginger cream cheese icing for s's party this afternoon.

i piped the hell out of the icing (which you cannot see in that photo) and the result is cupcakes that resemble doilies. i've been referring to them as my "old lady cupcakes". ha ha. how witty.

a came over later that day and we went to sam's where we got the 411 on sushi.

since it was one of the first times that a had had sushi, i didn't order any sashimi and instead got a queen anne roll and california maki so everyone could share.

sam's rocks my world. inexpensive, fresh and delicious. i might be having breakfast there today.

after dinner, a graciously drove leff and me to x and k's "girl drink drunk" party. (a billion, million thank yous again, a! you're awesome!!) x and k didn't have power so k greeted everyone with a lantern on her head.

all of the candles and leds gave the party a warm glow. seriously, unicorn cups look beautiful by the light of an led.

many, many sugary drinks were consumed from that cup. so many, in fact, that my teeth hurt which meant i couldn't try one of d's amazing cupcakes.

aren't they cute?!?

the only down side to the party is that i kept missing calls from j whose power was also out. (and whose phone was dying.) so, j, if you're reading this at work, i'm REALLY SORRY! if you still don't have power tonight, you can crash on our couch. i PROMISE we'll be at the apt.

while i was drinking, groc ho ho hatted the wto police officers.

i mention this because i'm still laughing about it.

but for now, i *really* need to sleep off this sugar. i'm not used to drinking copious amounts of pink poodles preferring simple drinks like g&t. i think i need to eat a salad and brush my teeth about seven more times in order to feel vaguely human again.

after my nap, it's off to the center for spinergy arts. (i promised s that i'd take photos. you should check them out if you're in the area today. the solstice festivities start at 3:30 in the center house.)

and after fire, it's off to the other s's for another party.

my liver. it hurts.

i'll leave you with a shot from the blurry world of a girl drink drunk. it ain't pretty.

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