Monday, December 18, 2006

luis plus end times at tower

i did oodles and oodles of nothing yesterday. this almost cold of mine is trying to develop and i'm trying to kick its butt before it kicks mine.

j did stop by after work for lunch at gordito's.

this time luis joined us at the table. i guess that victor was busy. after lunch, j hid in the plants. and that's pretty much that. (no photos of food today because even i'm getting tired of looking at them!)

here are the two deer at ace hardware.

NEXT time i will go at night. j recommends taking black foamcore to use as a polarizer but going back at night is just easier.

back in the lqa, tower is in its final death throes. since neither leff nor j has completed holiday shopping and j was able to get the most awesome parking space in the world, we decided to brave the crowds for 75-90% off and $1 rap cds.

despite all of the deep, deep savings, there was nothing. unless we wanted speakers and a mixer. which, ok, yeah, i would've liked the speakers/mixer combo but we don't have the room at the moment.

and that was sun. i'm not expecting this week to be much fun since it's prep time for leff's trip back to d.c. (he leaves on friday). plus i find out today whether or not i'm playing tour guide to padre and my stepmom on xmas day. so *grumble mumble* i'm going back to bed for a while.

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