Tuesday, December 19, 2006

decemberween cookies, carved apples and lies

how the hell could i forget that it was decemberween? i hadn't looked at homestar runner in a while, that's how. anyway, new decemberween short shorts means photos of things that don't necessarily fit into the sterotypical holiday mold. mmmmmmmmm! stereotypical holiday mold! *drooling*

par example, pants has made some of the most awesome holiday cookies in the world! they weren't originally for decemberween, but today i declare them to be!

(original here)

zombie cookies! I HEART PANTS!!!!

the wonderful sugarfreak of atomic books and atomic pop fame had a cookie swap. inside that pile of cookies, SATIN LIVES! and there was also a pentagram cookie. *totally* decemberween.

(original here)

i also have to mention that I HEART SUGARFREAK!!!! as well. my love, it knows no state boundaries. (i heart people in nc AND md!)

my own contribution to decemberween festivities is more apple carving. i used the homestar runner pumpkin stencils as a guide. i mean, what else are you going to do with iffy apples? you can't really eat them.

i present an unlit sir strongbad,

a lit strongmad

and the two of them together. not hanging out by the stick but with xmas lights shoved into them.

(sadly, i couldn't use the more complicated patterns. it's really hard for me to get detail in apple carving because 1) i have the wrong tools 2) apples turn brown even if you use copious amounts of citrus juice).

have i mentioned that decemberween makes me want a hot dog real bad?

because it does. i also enjoy the traditional red v blue battle that occurs on pay per view on decemberween eve.

ok,ok, you caught me. none of these things are truly a part of decemberween. so for all you ho ho hos out there, have a santa quad.


Lisa B said...

I heart YOU!! And I hereby declarethe zombie cookies to be in honor of decemberween!! (Thanks for the linkage.)

I love those little tiny plastic hot dogs! I had one when I was a kid and despite the fact that it was teensy weensy it was one of my favorite toys.

r4kk4 said...

HOORAY!!!!!! i'm so glad that the cookies can be a part of decemberween! :D!

you're welcome for the links.

and i forsee tiny plastic hot dogs making their way to nc in the near future!! :D!