Sunday, December 03, 2006

urban craft uprising, day one

man, oh, man, was the uprising even more awesome this year than last! i mean, don't get me wrong, last year's show was pretty amazing but this year it was held at a bigger arena (the exhibition hall at seattle center, in fact) with lots more vendors!

our morning started kind of late since 1) i overslept and then 2) leff overslept and then 3) we had to get coffee so, no, we weren't one of the first 100 people in line. in fact, here's the front of the line when we arrived.

and now here is where we ended up standing.

for those of you unfamiliar with the center, that's a long way from the exhibition hall entrance. it's known in the business as "b.f.e.".

but there was plenty of room once we got inside! check out the exhibition floor!

*so* much more room than last year!

i can't even begin to tell you how wonderful all of the vendors were. (i got to tell sugarlust in person just how much i love the bag that i bought from her!) there was so much to see! rebecca devere had a gorgeous golden tiled deer.

we purchased a sparkly ice cream painting from her! (for those of you interested in heading to kirkland, she has a studio sale on dec 15th. leave me a comment below if you'd like more info.)

also sparkly and just plain adorable was the tastie pastie booth.

the big draw for saturday was the fashion show. anna banana of pretty parlour mced the bevy of beauties parading diy fashion. first, two blurry photos:

and a video from the end of the show.

i wish that i'd been able to write down all of the participating vendors in the fashion show but, well, i can't write and photograph at the same time. sorry.

we got lots and lots of stuff today. first up, two items from made by moxie. leff got a 20 sided die ring

and was heard saying "it's dice not ice, baby!" while he modeled it. so silly.

i purchased a katamari magnet.

do i need to give you a reason for that purchase? no, i didn't think i'd need to.

from design maru we bought a cute little card/print

and an adorable magnet that i didn't photograph because i'd taken plenty of photographs already today.

100 flowers had some rockin' cards! we got these space needle ones and are going back for more tomorrow.

and don't think that i left the building without a plush. 'cause i didn't. look what i can do had some amazing animals. this lovebird now lives in my apartment.

cute. cute. CUTE!!!

lastly, leff snagged a seatbelt that had been converted into a bottle opener from alchemy goods.

limited edition, baby! and it *totally* works. (we bought some beer to try it out.)

so that's it for today. i'm beyond exhausted but in a good way. tomorrow promises to be just as fun. if you're in the seattle area this sunday, seriously, drop by urban craft uprising. you're welcome in advance.


michael said...

Sounds like a fun day out. Nothing like that around here except for the Xmas Bazaars or shoudl that be Bizarres! Mostly weird knitted doilies and tea cosies, home made jam and tombola.

Irregular Shed said...

The Spaceneedle card is awesome. That's a FACT.

r4kk4 said...

it was pretty great, wp!

i'm not one to scoff at weird knitted doilies OR home made jam so your bizarres sound like fun to me! :D!

100% FACT, shed dahlink!! 100 flowers makes fantastic cards!