Tuesday, December 26, 2006

happy boxing day!

someone can't sleep because a moron in the apartment complex across the alley decided to vacuum at 2 am!!

and, yes, the someone that can't sleep is me. (grumbling under breath)

i'm sure you know by now that james brown died yesterday. since i'm from a particular era, the first thing that i thought, i'm embarrassed to admit, was "james brown is dead" (duh duh duh DUHDUHDUH). and then "hey ladies" was stuck in my head because of what happens in the video at the 2:24 mark.


yesterday was another blur of phone calls. one of which involved padre and a discussion of decapitation. not his decapitation, mind, but decapitation in general. i know, it's not the normal kind of holiday conversation that one expects to have with a family member but, as i'm sure you've surmised, i don't really have a normal kind of family.

one tasty thing to come out of xmas was this order of sweet and sour chicken from bamboo garden.

delicious and festive! plus i got to watch the security cam while i waited on my order.

after lunch, i caught "man cheng jin dai huang jin jia"/"curse of the golden flower".

it was exactly what i expected it to be--melodramatic with vibrant colors. and depressing. soooo depressing.

the rest of the night was spent watching fellini films (specifically "amarcord" and "la dolce vita") and old movies on the canadian channel.

i heart the cbc because it's a mix of the bbc and odd canadian things like, oh, curling. hours and hours of curling. with some american tv stuff thrown in for good measure.

and on that note, i'll try to go back to sleep. ciao!


Santos said...

are those chicken balls? i mean balls of chicken? that's awesome. all sweet and sour dishes should have deep-fried balls o' wonder.

speaking of golden orbs, what's up with li gong's boobage in that poster?

happy hols to you, leff, kitties and family!

r4kk4 said...


yeah, they're veggie deep fried balls of fake chicken wonder! deeeeeelicious!

you're not kidding! li gong and every other lady in that movie was popping out all over!

in one of the dressing scenes in the movie, they showed all the women strapped down with fabric wrapped around them. i mean, it's pre-bra so i guess it makes sense. but, yeah, the orbs definately made an apperence. ;D

happy holidays to you too!!! i'm sorry we weren't able to get to l.a. to visit! :(