Monday, December 04, 2006

urban craft uprising--day two, bamboo garden, a and his amazing cat powers, twice told tales

i didn't spend too long at the uprising yesterday because i was capital exhausted from the day before. i did purchase another set of cards from 100 flowers

and a sew dorky donut

to compliment the cupcake of his that i own before heading back to the casa.

there was a great turnout for day two of the event. it's wonderful that the uprising can draw such huge crowds! so kudos to the organizers and vendors and bring on year three! 'cause next year, i'll be in line early enough for a grab bag.

er, probably not. but it's nice to have lofty goals occasionally.

anyway, have i mentioned that food is awesome?

it is. a had a craving for bamboo garden yesterday and leff and i joined him. between the three of us, we obliterated orders of almond chicken, beef with broccoli and sweet and sour chicken. it was, in fact, so obliterated that i couldn't bear to take a photo of the remains. so i brought you this picture of soy sauce instead.

see how much i love you? i love you *so* much that i didn't even bother to get the "s" in soy. you should *totally* break up with me for that.

after lunch was coffee which we enjoyed at twice told tales. (why don't they have a website?) the triple t, as i've decided to call the bookstore just this minute, has three resident cats.

an aside, if you will. i'll bet you didn't know that a has amazing cat powers. it's incredible! the guy only has to walk into a room and any cat in the building will come running just to hang out with him.

it happened when we walked down the street! (cats were climbing down rock walls!) it happened at the triple t (seriously, the orange loner cat? it let a pet him! *awe!*) and it happened at our apt! (the elusive fujiko has been known to come out of hiding when he's around. and peel and clouseau were both depressed yesterday when he left.)

it really is amazing.

ok, fine, enough about cats. the twice told tales (triple t is just too retarded to keep saying) guy let me take a photo of their tsunami evacutation sign.

i can sense how thrilled you are. but, come on, you must admit that it's a nice graphic. it doesn't really do much to ease any sort of anxiety i might have about tsunamis (which, granted, isn't too great in the first place. color me complacent.) but it is a nice graphic.

anyway, not much in store for today. i see many rabbit drawings in my future.

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