Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a package from mord!!

i was bored and doing laundry yesterday

when OH MY GOODNESS! an unexpected package from cardiff arrived!!! FROM MORD!!!! (THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU, MORD!! EEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!)

inside of this box was a CYBERMAN!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!!

leff was too drunk last night to decide whether or not we're going to open it. so he's (er, the cyberman, not leff) still in the package just looking at us, all silvery and cool.

but that's not all, oh noes! there was also a PUSS IN BOOTS!! EEEEEEEEP!! and he has "furball fury" action which means that i can pose him like this

and make him look like he's going to *seriously* chomp on a popcicle. (cats like ice cream. it's true.)

but the biggest surprise (for me at least) was this aweseome BRATZ!!! AAAAAAH!!! now i can be a part of mord's and normal jean's club!!! what follows are waaaaaay too many photos of my new doll.

katty kat got me one of the "international style" bratz a few years ago. here are the two meeting for the first time.

and just some silly photos. because i had a camera and some toys to photograph.

on slate for today is another windstorm. so i may or may not have power tomorrow. this means that i have to trek to the library a.s.a.p. for books because i can't deal with a power outage sans printed material.


Irregular Shed said...

I 'ate Bratz. Big-lipped freaks. Gah!

(Sorry, it's a pet hate.)

r4kk4 said...

it's ok. you can hate as much as you'd like! :D!