Sunday, December 24, 2006

i am gps, green is nice

hola, mes amis! i'm ever so sleepy today since leff has forgotten about the three hour time difference that separates us (well, that and a good part of north america.) and, as such, placed a phone call just a wee bit early.

when leff is out of town, i serve as the official gps service. (he does the same for me when i'm in unfamiliar territory.) today i helped him navigate around dupont circle, a place that i've not visited for over fifteen years.

god bless you, google maps! each and every one!

yesterday while making my "homesick food" (i.e. macaroni salad a la lena (my maternal grandma) (ed. note: i'm not really homesick.)) i noticed that i really have a lot of green things.

seriously. the color coordinating of the house? it's a disease.

oh, for those of you that are interested (and that's really no one.) here's a very blurry photo of the cat's hat and scarf.

that's so goofy.

right, errands to run, things to do, movies to watch and sleep to be had. so, uh, bye.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for that navigation help. It was invaluable.

r4kk4 said...

aw, ur welcome, hot gurk!