Wednesday, December 06, 2006

SHED = MAKE!!, CONGRATS, ARCHIE!!, cupcakes for dinner!

first off, congrats to shed on yet another make mention!! he is t eh r0xx0r!! three w00ts and a preeee-ow to you, master shed!!

and a brief aside to make:, when are you folks going to give our shed an executive parking space? because, seriously, the man deserves one.

secondly, i have to congratulate archie, the world's greatest animator under 20!! not only has he been blowing up in festivals and on the beeb lately but he's also gotten a mention in his local paper!!

(orginal here)

if you'd like to see some of archie's animations, head over to early bird and you'll be able to see how talented he is first hand!

anywho, let's shift our focus to leff for a second. i ask you this question-- "how can you NOT love a man who writes a reminder to purchase cupcakes on his hand?"

the answer is, "you can't NOT love a man like that!!" in fact, leff is super bf! you heard it here first, race fans!

i suppose that you've guessed from the title and the above picture that leff brought home some tasty, tasty cupcakes last night. what i'll bet you didn't know was that he brought home all of the seasonal cakes from cupcake royale!!!

oooh! the pink box! it makes me dance around on my tiptoes, clapping my hands whilst squealing like a little girl!

i'm not kidding about all of the holiday fare being represented! there was carrot cake with cream cheese icing! (technically a harvest cupcake, but who's counting!??)

gingerbread with cream cheese icing!

delicious, chocolatey red velvet with cream cheese icing!!

(i have a serious weakness for red velvet cake. it's a southern u.s. thing, don't ask.)

and refreshingly minty chocolate candy cane!!

look! here they are posing for their class photo!

and before you ask, i will tell you, yes. we ate all of them last night. (oink to the oink.) but we divided them all in half so it was really like we only ate two cupcakes per. leff enjoyed them as much as me!

and here's a better cross section shot for all you diagram fans out there.

and on that note, i gots to jet. i have a project up my sleeve that has some potential but i have to keep it on the down low for just a tiny bit longer. photos soonish!


michael said...

That's our boy! Glad to see the news is spreading! The trouble is the poor lad has high expectations heaped on his shoulders now. Being the next Nick Park or John Lasseter just isnt good enough now - he has to own a large part of a valley in California!
Anyway, thanks for your kind comments. Archie appreciates all plaudits thrown his way!

Irregular Shed said...

I think everyone here deserves a mighty big "Hoopla!"



michael said...

And a mighty big Ring The Duck as well!

r4kk4 said...


how about a huge WOOOOO-HAAAAA!! and a couple of aaaa-OOOOOOOOO-gah!!!s as well?