Tuesday, December 12, 2006

they call it crafty monday...

...and tuesday's just as bad! (that's some badly mangled t bone walker right there for you folks. (btw, the link is a "blues clue". ba-doom-ching!!))

yesterday, groc sent me a link to a bbc "how to" site that was about making tardis shirts. it included this awesome template!!

you know who loves "dr. who" right? yes! leff!

so guess what i made for him yesterday. yes! a tardis shirt! i used the freezer paper method instead of the acetate version that the beeb recommended

and it came out quite nicely, if i say so myself.

even the freezer paper backing underneath the shirt was rather nice in a halftone/benday dot kind of way!

also yesterday i started work on a needlepoint for katty kat. i can't show you the completed version yet because, uh, well, this thing is going to take me days to finish. the work you see here

took me about five hours. needlework is sloooooooooooooow going. but it's worth it, i think.

so, yeah, that's pretty much what i'm going to be doing most of the week. needlepoint. i'll try to do a few more things that are more interesting as well since i'm sure you don't want to read things like "today i switched to a DIFFERENT brown thread!".


Kira said...

I know you posted this entry back in December, but I just got to your blog today through the GeekCrafts Blog and their recent tribute to Dr. Who crafts.

This shirt is WONDERFUL! My husband would probably flip over it! He loves Dr. Who and I've only recently gotten into it because of him. I only wish I'd seen this post sooner so I could have made him a shirt like this for his birthday (it's tomorrow). Maybe I'll make it a belated present...

r4kk4 said...

why thank you! you're too kind!

you should totally make it for him. better late than never and i'm sure he'd love it! leff adores his! :D!