Friday, December 15, 2006

stormy, baked goods

i thought i'd go ahead and write tonight in case we're without power tomorrow. there's a really big wind storm happening in the pacific northwest right now complete with flooding.

(photo courtesty of leff from his 2 hour commute home. (it normally takes him 15 minutes.))

as you can see, we're ready for a power outage.

i mean, what more do you need besides a hello kitty radio and a portable dvd player? a skull candle. that's what else you need!

earlier today i made trucker girl and pink elephant cookies for x and k's "girl drink drunk" party.

here are the girls waiting to bake.

and some powdery remains of elephants.

now for the finished elephant cookies.

yeah, it kinda' looks like a pig. i swear i used an elephant cookie cutter!

the girls were decorated two different ways. some have just plain pink icing

and others are dressed up with some large sprinkley things.

(sorry about the blurriness.)

but now i need to return to obsessively watching wind storm coverage. at least until the power goes out.


michael said...

Mmmm. Yummy lookin' biccies rakka! Lots of wind and rain here too if it';s any consolation! We always keep the wind-up torc h handy and plenty of candles stashed away where we can't find them!

jqln said...

i will be thinking about girls baking all day today. ;)

r4kk4 said...

thanks, wp!! :D!

oh no! i'm sorry that you're getting so much rain. :(

we're having a nutzo winter here. apparently, the sorts of storm that we weathered last night happen all the time in the gulf of alaska (north of us) but they hardly ever reach the pacific northwest.

luckily, we still have power.

hahah!! baking girls are fun, jqln! esp if they're made out of cookie dough! ;D

Anonymous said...

You might want to pick up a Hello Kitty lantern, we have one for camping and emergencies at home. It really commands respect among the rugged surly outdoor crowd. That and my Power Puff day pack and Im ready for the apocalypse.

r4kk4 said...

HAHAHA!! i'll do it, l.t. zen! i'm not facing the apocalypse without kitty chan!!

or the powerpuffs. they'd be handy to have around when the shit goes down.

Anonymous said...

I put up a pic of our "emergency kit" at take a look if inclined...

r4kk4 said...

that's so cool, l.t. zen!! thanks for posting those photos!