Friday, December 22, 2006

cupcake central

oh, yaaaaaawn! i shouldn't be up this early (it's 7:42 am. don't believe the time stamp down below.) but leff's got a flight today and holiday travel can throw several spanners/wrenches into the works so i'm awake to run interference, so to speak.

yesterday i made three dozen plus five cupcakes. so, uh, 41. 41 cupcakes. ah ha ha ha haaaaaa!

most of them were chunky monkey (er, that's banana with chocolate chips and a chocolate icing from buttercup bakes at home)

but i did make a few of the carrot cake with ginger cream cheese icing

since those are rather popular around these parts.

so many cupcakes! it makes you see the world in black and white!

ok, not really. but that's all i've got this morning.

i'll be using the 3.5 mp glaucoma cam while leff's out of town so that means especially bad photos for the duration. we really just need to bite the proverbial bullet and get another new fangled powershot. but the wii comes first.

now to make coffee. i think both of us are going to need it this morning.

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