Friday, December 01, 2006

hot gurks, the magical history box, kozyndan, pip's anime hair

leff's and my life? a freakin' series of tubes. honestly, do we talk about anything besides the world wide superhighway when we're together?

the answer is no.

but we have a good reason. the users at the mobile "web" (*cough* haha) company where leff works are *so* talented that it makes us collapse into piles of giggles! in fact, just yesterday, random guy hit on random girl by texting "ur 1 hot gurk".

i mean, the poetry! no one's ever called me a hot gurk before. *sigh* *misty eyes*

anyway, in keeping with the quality of the mobile company where leff works, here's a photo of my nuts.

(*coughing from laughing* i promise to stop posting things like that soon. i realize how puerile it is but, well, i can't help myself. seriously, one more day tops with the nuts and balls jokes.)

okok, so here's something i'll bet you didn't know. i'm addicted to "battlefield britain" or, as it's more popularly known around casa rakkaleff, "the magical history box".

we use the alternative title because of the kickin' tabletop cgi "box" that the elder snow carries with him. see, he travels to a site where an important battle was fought, opens up what is, essentially, an empty portfolio type thing (i.e. "the box") and, through the magic of television, a miniaturized version of the battlefield appears inside of it complete with tiny moving armys and ships and such. here's a bad photo of the open box.

sometimes elder snow places his hand into the mini battle to point out landmarks. it looks like the hand of god passing judgement upon the tiny soldiers. which is, of course, awesome.

i also watch the show because younger snow isn't too hard on the eyes either. *wink wink*

on a completely unrelated note, there's a kozyndan documentary available for viewing. (found via eric nakamura's blog) i heart kozyndan. their "uprisings" print was the first piece of artwork that i purchased after i'd had my burgeoning art collection stolen. (that was a heartbreaking day. but i'd like to not dwell on it so it's on to....)

pip's anime hair!!!

(original here)

there is absolutely no reason for that plastic wig to exist. which is why i want one. it's also why i want pip to buy one and take a photo of himself wearing it. because that would be funnier than a photo of nuts and all the hot gurks in the WORLD!!

so, pleeeeeeeease, pip? PLEEEEEEASE?? i'm begging you.

holy hell, leff's overslept. i guess i should wake him up. i mean, we wouldn't him to miss another day full of text humor!


Pip said...

I'll think about it.

More grovelling, I think.

r4kk4 said...


pretty please with sugar and zelda gashapon figures on top??


the world wants to see this. (and by "the world" i mean me and leff. and probably shed.)

Pip said...

hmm, well, I'm working from home on Friday so I can pick up my Wii. The Wii-shop just so happens to be right next to anime-hair shop. If there's a clean one, I'll see what happens.

r4kk4 said...


on both counts! you should take a photo of yourself in an anime wig while playing the wii sports game!!

it would be PERFECT!!