Thursday, November 30, 2006

pipettes and FINALLY some snow worth talking about

our lovely shed has been sending me pipettes songs lately. wonderful, peppy pipettes songs! it was, in fact, "your kisses are wasted on me" that i was humming to myself as leff and i walked through the start of last night's storm on the way to easy street to pick up a copy of their cd.

isn't it shiny?

oh, those limes. yes, well, we have beer that was badly in need of citrus. i took a photo of them because i stuck them in my coat pocket on the way home and they looked like misplaced testes. and, well, we ALL know how everyone should be posting more pictures of their balls online. esp women. (sorry i couldn't get a shot of them in my pocket, j. it was too dark.)

where was i? oh yes! the storm. it blew through town, dumped about a little less than half an inch of snow and was over in less than two hours. wonderful! it was the first time i've ever seen queen anne ave shut down.

(cut me some slack. i'm still relatively new to town. one year, three months. the q.a. ave has been open that whole time.)

the press was there. blurrily.

people were sledding down the street but none of our photos came out. but here's a shot of a tiny snowman that i put on top of a short utility pole.

leff and i walked around the neighborhood for a while taking photos and throwing snowballs. thankfully, leff decided to not hurl this one at me.

because that *really* would have hurt.

we found a cute snowman across the street from the convenience store.

and hung out by the "unofficial overlook" on mercer.

now the snow has melted! hooray! if i was as corny as i felt like being, i'd mention "perfect storms" and crap like that. but i have some tiny shred of dignity left. not much, mind, but enough for the words "perfect" and "storm" to make me cringe.


Pip said...

yay the pipettes! i've been meaning to get their album for months now!

also - wow! just how brrr is it in seattle? mega-brrrr!!! that's how!

Irregular Shed said...

The Pipettes are Pip's backing group =)

r4kk4 said...

you really should get it, pip! it's punky and spunky and girly and peppy! i heart it! (thanks shed for recommending them!)

nah, it's not so brr anymore. the past few days it's been -7 c at night and 0 c during the day but today it was 5 degrees c so it wasn't so bad.

pip IS a pipette because he's so short, shed! HAHAHA!!

(i'm kidding,, i mean, pip. ;D)

michael said...

Archie would be jealous of all the snow you have been having. Our snow doesnt usually last for very long and comes around February!!

Hazel has been squeezing limes into her daily intake of pineapple juice. The faces she pulls makes you wonder if it's all worth it!

r4kk4 said...

i would've gladly sent some to archie, wp! but all of that snow melted the night before last.

we don't usually get snow here. but there's been a lot of weird weather in town lately. november was full of mudslides, floods, snow, ice, etc. whee!

oh no! haha! poor hazel! it can be quite tart!!

i like drinking just lime juice in water. sometimes i add splenda if i want a limeaide.