Sunday, November 12, 2006

i'm such a liar, foiled by a gas leak

so, uh, you remember that pink godzilla "guitar hero 2" launch party that i was going to attend, right? yeah, that didn't happen. (i also didn't make it to a whprwhil records show in west seattle either.) leff is sick again, poor guy, so i stayed home to ferry meds and fluids. yes, saturday nights are jumpin around here lately.

i did get to see the lemony snicket town hall appearance on the seattle channel last night, so that was something. you can watch it too if you feel that the hilariously bad photo below isn't good enough. (and it's not.)

er, might want to skip that video. heh heh.

so the monorail project was derailed (waaaah waaaaaaaaah! thank you, cleveland! i'll be here all week!) by a rather large natural gas leak.

everything looks to be fixed and the mcdonald's that was evacuated is open again (praise jesus! (sarcasm for reals, bitches!)) so i should be able to try and get stuck again today. i can feel your excitement wafting off of my screen.

oh, and, some of you might be seeing me somewhere. it's true. and slightly cryptic in a very see through way.

ok, i gots to buy some cat food (the kittens are glaring at me.) so i'll see you tomorrow.


michael said...

get well soon leff. the rabbit is making strange gulping noises. its the 13th - lucky its not a Friday! playing safe and staying in so no black cats cross my path and avoiding all ladders. gas leaks can come in handy sometimes. that reminds me i must try and buy some of those NEW frozen birds eye green soya beans they keepo advertising!

Lisa B said...

I was so intrigued by your suggestion that I not watch the Lemony Snickett thing that of course I had to watch it. But I got really bored after 2 minutes and had to stop.

r4kk4 said...

he's doing a bit better today, wp. thanks!! (i think he's going to utilize the health insurance that he FINALLY got though since this thing has been lingering and worsening for a month now.)

we have black cats cross our paths all the time. peel esp. ;D

mmmm! are the green soyas like edamame?

hahaha! i knew you wouldn't like the video, pants. there were parts that annoyed me. like THE YELLING!

the GOOD thing about finding the lemony snicket vid is that i've realized i can link to lectures and readings that have happend around town. i might not have to make videos ever again! HOORAY!!