Friday, November 10, 2006

a bonus friday post

since you were all so nice about putting up with the feed situation, i thought i'd post a friday bonus. hooray. i'm sure you're thrilled.

anyway, down to business! i've previously mentioned that the monorail is open again in seattle. thurs, nov 9th-sun, nov 12th the service is gratis to reward monorail users for their patience. (so, if you're visiting seattle this weekend, now might be a good time to take a ride!)

i have been DYING for the monorail to start running again. it's not that i necessarily utilized the service when it was available. i mean, it's nice enough but it doesn't really get me anywhere that i need to go. i have an ulterior motive: i want to get stuck on one of the trains so i can take photos of the rescue mission!

so with camera in hand, i set out to, hopefully, be trapped in a monorail car. here are the people that were waiting to board the red train with me.

everyone boarded with no problem. see? i'm on the red train!

the ride was pretty uneventful until *brakes* we stopped about a block from top pot doughnuts!!!! (yes, i measure everything in distances from bakeries.)

"wow!" i thought "am i really going to be lucky enough to get stuck today?!?" er, no. apparently, this stop is part of the new safety measures that were put in place after the two trains collided last year. oh well. there's always the return trip, right?

the nordstroms' torsos seemed to agree with me. (they would've nodded their heads if they'd had any.)

but no, it was another run of the mill trip. no one even slipped on the wet pavement. *sigh*

oh well, there're still two more free days for me to try and get trapped. in the mean time, i've got to get ready for tonight's ddr party. i fully expect to fall flat on my ass since i'm as coordinated as a drunken two-legged dog. embarrassing photos coming soonish!

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