Monday, November 06, 2006

happy two year blogiversary to me! plus five years of leff!

wow, today marks two whole years of my blogging insipid things at the gpiss. whooo.

also today (or thereabouts, we've never set an official date for it) marks five years of cohabitation with leff! hooray!

what's in the cards celebration wise? er, i think i might be watching disc one of haibane renmei again.

and then i think i'll curse the rain. maybe even throw in an evil eye for good measure. (really, i don't mind the rain when it's not dark at 4 pm but when it cuts into available winter daylight hours with its murky, dank dimness, i get kind of annoyed.)

other than that i think i'll be pulping some magazine pages (with the end result being new paper) (although it's stupid to even think about starting this project when it's going to be so humid all week.) and then staring at my knee in disbelief. (er, and by that i mean "marveling at my exquisite clumsiness".) so you know, an average gloomy monday.


Irregular Shed said...

Congratulations to you both, ducks. Five years, cor, seems like no time at all =)

michael said...

Congrats from me too- yes, 5 years seems like the flap of bats brolly! wait until you two old codgers get to your 23rd year- ha ha!

r4kk4 said...

why thank you, both! :D! (ducks! tee hee! it always make me giggle when you say that, shed! :D!)

i know, i know, five years is nothing compared to you guys! (and congrats to you both again on your respective anniversaries! :D!) but, uh, five years is a LIFETIME for rakkas. ;D *scuffing foot against the floor. looking out the window.*

Anonymous said...

5 years in dog years = a lifetime.

right on you two!


Brit said...

Rakka, this post about deer made me think of you. Happy anniversary!

Mads said...

Congratulations :o)

r4kk4 said...

thanks so much, guys! :D!

i live in dog years, burnt! i'm actually 231 years old!@!

oooh! thanks for the link, brit! :D! can't wait to read it! :D!