Monday, November 27, 2006

vds, dig dug, west seattle, snow, range murata pinky street

yesterday, that was sunday, right? and what do sundays sometimes mean? yes, VEGGIE DIM SUM WITH J AND LEFF!

six, count 'em, six hum buns this time, kids! so we didn't have to fight over them! we also consumed some *delicious* sticky rice things that were wrapped in large leaves and stuffed with pork. omgwtfbbq!1! one!! to the nth degree! i ate not only mine but also the rest of j's. it's now my favorite dish at the vds!

after dim sum, we began our daylong quest (daylong = approx. 4 hours) for a copy of "dig dug". (it's j's game. he pwns me at "dig dug". he also gets a higher score at "ms pac man" but i clear more boards and now i'm digressing.)

anyway, "dig dug". surprisingly, pink godzilla was out of the ds version. they did have a copy for nes and leff and i briefly considered purchasing both the console and the game (since his nes had gone the way of the parental yard sale and i had never owned one.) but j decided that we should just search at target instead. (so much for avoiding big box stores.)

(an aside: before continuing on the quest for "dig dug", i ran into kinokuniya and purchased the first range murata pinky st figure (a ridiculous amount of photos of that in a moment) and j got a "jumpoff". (er, a cream bun from yummy house. don't ask...) i mean, we have our priorities straight.)

anyway, target. the west seattle target to be specific. i'd never been to west seattle before yesterday. it's cute and very suburban. there were adorable little houses with xmas lights decorating them. also, it was snowing.

plus there was a target. a target that was displaying the wii that i cannot have.

a target that was selling cute deer napkins.

and, sadly, it was also a target with neither a plug and play version nor a greatest hits compilation disc containing "dig dug".

thankfully, where there's a target, there is usually a game store in the same megaplex. it was there that j procured the ds version of "dig dug" after we both spent far too long trying to explain to the majorly stoned teenaged clerk just what the hell we were trying to buy. leff was smart and played around with the "guitar hero" peripheral on display.

anyway, omg!! pon1es!! snow!

it was coming down pretty heavily in west seattle. by the time we got back to the lqa (where that photo was taken) it wasn't quite so bad. why do i mention the snow? because it's an anomaly in seattle. at least that's what i've gathered from the way people are freaking out about it.

but enough about frozen precipitate! here are waaaaaaaay too many photos of my new pinky!! first, the "dim sum" outfit. (it's my favorite of the two.)

the little steamer containers open and there are cute little buns inside of them! eep!

and now the "default" outfit with the "pumpkin pants".

it's accessorized not only with the headgear but also a pink dj bag and kickin' boots!

and hidden under the base is a cute drawing. awwwwww!

see, i told you there were too many photos.

'k, i need to check on road conditions for leffstar. here's hoping that the threat of snow means he gets another day off! *fingers crossed*


Irregular Shed said...

Not enough photos!

r4kk4 said...

then, just for you, i will post more of them. soon. promise. :D!

theDUKE said...

I'm shocked pink godzilla was unable to service you in the rarest of needs. Oddly, I had lunch yesterday above in Fort St. George. It was a bad for snow yesterday...


r4kk4 said...

it was a very odd. they had sold their last copy of the ds dig dug earlier that week. and, you know, i'm sure they'll have more in stock really soon. they're awesome like that.

you should really hit up veggie dim sum the next time you're in the id.

conversely, i will try fort st. george since i've never been.

the snow was bad in the 'burbs. i haven't seen any of it in the city and, yet, garbage and recycling pickup and schools are both cancelled. ah, well. it's to be expected from a city unfamiliar with snow. (the same sort of things happened when it snowed in memphis.)