Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hell yes!!!, seedy

ah, what a wonderful morning! the sun has made a brief appearance and the dems have won the house!

if they take the senate as well, i am SO throwing a party tonight! or maybe i'll make an apple pie so that i can be "as american as" when i take it out of the oven.

(i was planning on making one before election results came in. we're kinda' swamped with apples at the moment at casa rakkaleff. plus, the amateur gourmet made martha's apple pie and it looks niiice.)

in other "news", i heart pomegranate seeds.

yes, tuesday was a slow day. apples and pomegranate seeds.



i have to go now. the sun's still out and i don't know how long it plans to stick around.


Anonymous said...

I added positive feedback on your Etsy account from those adorable cards I got from you! Sorry it took so long (and I left out a "with" on one of my comments, it should have been "I was so pleased with my card!"). I just stumbled upon the feedback page on my Esty account page today or I would have commented positively earlier. YEAH! Thanks again!

Anonymous said... <--- That's the link to the the RakkaDeer's Etsy Shop, everyone should buy stuff.

r4kk4 said...

aw, colleen! *blushing!!!* you are too good to me! :D! thanks so much!!

yeah, feedback is kind of buried on etsy. they're getting ready to upgrade to v2 this weekend though so that might change!

michael said...

Good news about the change of government - about blinkin' time eh? We need a change too but the options are pretty slim to say the least!

Sad about treemo. swings and roundabouts. they give with one hand and take away with the other!

r4kk4 said...

it was brilliant the way the dems took back control OF CONGRESS!! and not just one branch!

add into that the exit of rumsfeld and i honestly feel like i woke up in another country! hahaha!

it is sad about treemo. but, like i've said to you before, thanks SO much for helping in the early days. they never would've had decent content without you guys and now, well, they've made their bed........