Wednesday, November 01, 2006

halloween night with a special appearance by team zissou

today's post is going to reveal how truly boring i am. i love halloween, right? that's a given. i do all of these things leading up to it but then the day arrives and i do nothing.

absolutely nothing.

no one threw a party this year and i didn't feel like going to a club. (even though j had a plus one on a guest list.) so what did i do? leff and i got hot chocolate and sat by the international fountain while it played radiohead songs.

i had a great time. we had the center entirely to ourselves since it was so cold. actually, it felt like we had all of lower queen anne to ourselves as well. except for team zissou.

but i didn't mind sharing the pavement with them.

and that, reader chan, was my old folks halloween. pretty dull. today doesn't appear to be much better on the excitement front. i mean, unless you enjoy prepping wood for painting, in which case, do i have a story to tell you! (seriously, that gesso job? was hardcore!!!)

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