Wednesday, November 29, 2006

pumpkin donut and a brief cephalopause

ah, spud. even though everyone else was freaking out about the condition of the roads in seattle, they still managed to deliver our groceries for the week at the normal time. and in those groceries? delicious vegan PUMPKIN DONUTS from mighty o!!!

nothing is more fun than eating a pumpkin donut and watching news coverage about tow trucks and people walking on ice. come on, seattle! give it a rest! i KNOW none of you can drive in this stuff (i've watched you. it was amusing. i'm glad you didn't get hurt.) but, JESUS, other things have been going on in town. and, goddamnit, urban craft uprising is this weekend and NO ONE IS EVEN MENTIONING IT!!

so, please, enough with the snow. think of it this way, snow is only *really* cold fluffy rain. and ice, well, it's just frozen rain. you're used to rain, right? please remember that when we get the next storm tonight. oh, and don't drive.

seriously, don't. i don't want to watch another report on tow trucks.

anyhoo, here's that brief cephalopause from the title. there were three squid and/or octopus in a row in popular media within an hour period yesterday. you know how i love coincidences that occur in threes, right? if you didn't, now you do.

1) in "okami" (have i mentioned that game yet? har har har!), you can fish. if you fish in the northern areas of the country, you can catch squid.

2) while flipping channels, i saw an animated squid attacking a shark on the disney channel.

3) a popular web ad campaign where one of the banners features an octopus.

and then leff went and ruined my three thing by catching an octopus in "okami".

silly, old leff.

speaking of leff, time to see him on his merry way to the pr0n factory, er, i mean his job. smell you later.


Groc said...

you get the disney channel?

we have to pay extra to be able to get the disney channel.

it's a good job i don't like disney much.

but i don't know i'd do without adult swim though.

r4kk4 said...

yeah, it's on basic cable here.

i think back in the early days of cable it might have been a pay channel.

i don't really watch it though. sometimes for "kim possible", i'm embarrassed to admit, but that's it.

adult swim, however, no. i could not do without that. esp aqua teens. because i'm in love with master shake. ;D

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Those pumpkin donuts are SO good! They make me wish I was in Seattle.

r4kk4 said...

they ARE delicious! it makes me wish i was eating one right now! ;D