Monday, November 20, 2006

thanksgiving prep

leff and i stocked up on most of our thanksgiving (link for non u.s. residents that are interested) supplies last night at trader joe's.

(for those of you new to our version of thanksgiving, we eat mexican food (or at least a decent facsimile thereof), watch akira kurosawa movies (particularly seven samurai and yojimbo) and give thanks for all the maize we are about to consume. (maize. it's a joke that i make EVERY year.))

we gots the salsa, beans and olives.

plus we corralled some limes.

i didn't post photos of the other stuff (like, the eight avocados) 'cause, uh, do you really need to see more photos of cheese and avos? no, you don't. trust me.

not much else of interest happened yesterday. well, save for the sketches and such but i'm not ready to talk about that yet. but i'm getting ready to make a meeeeean sangria (er, on wednesday night) so you might want to make room in your busy day of "orphan thanksgivings" and drop by.

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