Tuesday, November 07, 2006

election day, crafty, tiny celebration, stag sammich

it's election day in the u.s. that's hot.

seriously, go vote. just, you know, not for assholes. interpret that as you will and cast your ballot appropriately. (although, please realise that if you vote to have a mandatory four foot rule in seattle strip clubs, i will no longer talk to you, nannyprude.)

yesterday was rather crafty. first off, i FINALLY got my copy of craft: in the mail.

it's pretty good but i feel like they've just culled web projects from the past year or so. i can excuse it this time since they're still getting their sea legs. hopefully, the next issue will have more fresh material.

i made a pencil holder out of my hapi mandarin orange float drink can.

wow. isn't that impressive.

and since groc was calling me anthea turner, i made a place setting for my cat.

yep, you definately had to be there to get that joke.

i decided to celebrate both of yesterday's anniversaries in a small way which, to my diseased mind, meant purchasing small things. like this tiny cat cookie cutter

(large cat included for scale.)

and a lady apple.

sadly, the lady apple did nothing to make me more graceful nor did it turn me into a lady after ingestion. i would need a serious crash course in etiquette school for either of those things to happen.

i topped off the night with an eggy stag sammich.

uh huh. it's official. i need to get a life.

provided my apartment doesn't slide into the sound due to the crazy amounts of rain we've been getting, i'll be painting today. if my apartment does slide into the sound, i'll take pictures.


Camilla said...

urgh- Anthea Turner! Why do you have to do that to me? Please don't turn into her.

r4kk4 said...

i had to share my pain. i didn't know about her until yesterday.

and, don't worry. i may be obsessive about cleaning but i don't force it on other people. i'll NEVER be anthea turner.

i hope.

if i was, i'd have to kill myself. haha!

Groc said...

mmmm have you done nothing with that orange bunny jelly mold i sent you? (I did send you a bunny jelly mold didn't i?)

r4kk4 said...

i haven't yet. i'm sorry. :(

i will soon though! i promise!!