Saturday, November 25, 2006

it's another busy saturday... here are two things before i run out the door.

leff and i ventured up queen anne hill yesterday. our mission? bouncing wall to look for holiday cards. what we returned home with? new fuzzy mice from the pet store for the cats.

later that night we saw "for your consideration". here's a very bad photo of me waiting for the movie to start.

"consideration" wasn't bad but it wasn't my favorite christopher guest movie. that remains "spinal tap". (i think it'll always be "spinal tap".)

but now i gotta' go. i have to sit in my office and wait for the scheduled tests to not show since 1) it's still a goddamned holiday weekend (who the hell SCHEDULED these tests anyway?!?) 2) there's a threat of snow which doubly means no one is going to show. grrrr!

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