Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a card, some carbs and an overrated storm

one day before thanksgiving and i'm starting to realize that, oh yeah, there's a goddamned holiday tomorrow. i guess i should be preparing some of the food!

buying the ingredients earlier this week wasn't what tipped me off. nope, it was the lovely andi2 sending holiday greetings in the form of this beautiful card yesterday!

eeeep! it's so shiny! thanks, andi!!! *hugs!*

also this strange but delicious loaf of stuffing bread that leff brought home was a big clue. yes. stuffing bread.

i mean, don't get me wrong, it tastes awesome. but did stuffing need to become more of a carbohydrate?

here's a slice for your perusal.

and please keep in mind that i asked that carb question while stuffing (har har!) a slice of bread down my gullet. it's really very yummy. yummy...but still a strange concept.

yesterday there was a thunderstorm in seattle. by that, of course, i mean two strikes of lightning and two thunderclaps. oh, and this time some hail. i mean, there was an impressive fork or two of lightning (click for photo) but, uh, why did everyone in town overreact so much? leff, our eyewitness for this story, said that while he was purchasing the much referred to stuffing bread, that people were running outside to dance in the rain and that others were cowering in fear. i mean, huh?

look, no one is from seattle. ok, there are maybe two of you that were born here. but besides you duo, we all moved here. i assume that most of us moved here from places where there are thunderstorms. did you cowering people at the bread store forget what happens when an air mass becomes so unstable that it overturns or, as they say in the business, convects?

seriously, folks. this:

is neither a reason to cower nor to dance. construction and a little bit of rain. that happens here all the time. thank you, the management. i.e.-- rakka the smartass amateur meteorologist who, just because she's lived through a tornado or two, thinks she's hot shit when it comes to storm related things. (psst--word on the street is she's full of crap.)

man, i'm still cranky over this holiday bs. guess i'll go make a key lime pie and try to cheer up.

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