Monday, November 13, 2006

no luck getting stuck, mushrooms

god, but i'm ready to give winter das boot.

(when i'm rich, i'll have a house in both hemispheres. that way, i'll never have to experience autumn or winter. just spring and summer.)

yesterday was the last day of the monorail project. i tried crossing my fingers

but damn if i didn't get stuck. *sigh* who knew that the monorail was going to be reliable again. at least the intl fountain didn't let me down since it played "evenflow" and that makes me laugh. see, it's a fountain....water flowing...evenflow? haha! oh, never mind. just watch the video with choreographed children.

the only other "exciting" thing that i did yesterday was make a huge bunch of mushroom and pasta thing. it must have been pretty good because none of it is left.

ok, time to brave the rains and run errands.

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