Saturday, November 11, 2006

before i head out the door...

...i thought i'd write another bonus entry. not that you care but, well, there we are.

this morning was pretty darn nice! i made some ginger and clove pears as suggested by domicile. (did i find that link through notmartha? i can't remember.)

while i was searching through my spices, i found the pickle jar that i store my cloves in. it has the cutest lid!

i also read another chapter in my old copy of auntie mame. (no, not that kind of mame, this kind.)

very enjoyable all around. i like these kinds of old person saturdays. yes, everything was going swimmingly UNTIL i decided to try and open a new flickr account. groc talked me into it, you see.

but, uh, it's not happening. yahoo can suck it. after spending too long (i consider two minutes to be too long for these types of things.) dealing with their sign up page, i tried to open my new flickr account only to be told that i'd already used my email address. would i care to merge my accounts?

um, first off, fuck no. i'm not merging my old account with anything. and secondly, when i tried to edit my yahoo information, i could find no easy way to change my primary email address. (oh, i'm sure it's there but i'm not spending more than three minutes fucking with it. i'm very impatient with these sorts of things.)

so, yeah. sorry, groc. i won't be getting a new flickr account.

anyway, i've got the "monorail project" to work on and then i need to drop by schmancy for k's bday present. bye for now.


Groc said...


I'd forgotten the retardo-bizarro world that is corporate yahoo. they're so crapola

r4kk4 said...

yeah, they really suck. :(

and you can't have the username "fuckingyahoocanfuckingsuckmyballs" because it's already taken. ;D

jens~ said...

And why did you want a new, shiny, yahoo-infected account while you still have the old flickr account for flickery flickering?

r4kk4 said...

because that way i could talk to the people that i wanted to talk to like, say, YOU (:D!) without having to deal with a ton of other people.

in other words, the minute i reactivate the "rakka" account is the minute i get slammed with email. it's not that i don't appreciate the attention, i really like meeting people there, it's just that i don't have time.

if i started over, there might be a chance that i could be incognito for a while at least. that's all.