Tuesday, November 21, 2006

apologies and a new post with a meme!

look, i'm sorry about being madame crankypants esq. earlier. these things happen. but i'm feeling much better now thanks to clouseau who insisted upon purring at me while he blocked my access to the keyboard.

and also this vegan cherry cocoa heart from island spring organics.


the spud delivery guy and i talked video games for a while and that helped too. i think he's going to get a gamefly subscription now. (seriously, why do people not pay me to sell their products? (i'm kidding, kids. i don't want to be a corporate shill. i've seen people like that and they scare me. in fact, they scare me worse than the thought of cockroaches in clown makeup. (really, think about that last image for a while. it's quite frightening. how did the makeup get on them?!? *shiver*)))

right, time to meme this up. pants did that "random 10 songs" thing and came up with cameo (which i love, btw.) so i've loaded up all of our music, hit shuffle and given you the first ten that showed up. should i mention that the ones that you don't like are leff's? because we share a computer, you know.

1. be quiet mt. heart attack--the liars
2. quinton's on the way--the pharcyde
3. what's in store--architecture in helsinki
4. blast off again--v
5. 8 ball--n.w.a
6. atoms for peace--thom yorke
7. 7th message--prefuse 73
8. kick me and cancel--robert pollard
9. an assassin--the sea and cake
10. f.o. 02--the fucking ocean (f.o. 02 may not be the title of the song but it's what shows up in winamp.)

what will you get? will it be racheal ray with an entertaining recipe on your box of crackers?

(god, i hate her.)

or will it be that stupid ass gwen stefani song from last summer? no fudging! now go build this meme!


Anonymous said...

you are keeping it "real."

no apologies needed.

have a happy turkey day.

gobble, gobble,

i did you meme.

Anonymous said...


damn, i spelled sh%t wrong in my comment.

read: i did YOUR meme.

Pip said...

Too lazy for my own blog post

DJ Plus One - Scratch Skit One - DJ Yoda
All Or Nothing - Dirty Vegas
Ooh Wee (Dirty) - Mobb Deep & Mark Ronson
Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis Bextor
Yuko and Hiro - Blur
Mia - Hombre - Xerox SoundSystem
Sleep T - Belle and Sebastian
My Favourite Things - Tony Bennett
I know where the summer goes - Belle and Sebastian

and now itunes has crashed and refuses to give me a tenth :(

r4kk4 said...

heh heh! if i was REALLY being real, there would have been an entry that was nothing but a string of profanities followed by a plea for something chocolate. HAHAHHA!!

happy turkey day to you!! have a safe trip!!

i'll go check in your meme in a moment!!

aw, shortstack! i can't believe that itunes crashed! (and by that i mean, yes i do. haha! ;D)

i somehow knew that you would have belle and sebastian. that makes me very happy! :D!