Sunday, November 26, 2006

pink bunny pencil holder, saturday evening in ballard

a large chunk of yesterday morning was devoted to this cute little pink bunny

which not only fits in my pocket

but also expands to become a long bun

that's good for holding pencils and pens

as well as carrots.

(i realize you'll never love my new pink bunny pencil holder as much as i do. i can live with that.)

later that night, j came over. we were all pretty hungry (including the fox on the fridge)

and we were going to eat at zeek's but, holy hell!, it was crowded!! even with j's super coffee powered wristbands

there was no dispersing that mob of people. so we went to hattie's instead. (which, honestly, much better than zeeks. good call, j!)

after hattie's? ben and jerry's because j wanted coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz (which is only in the scoop shops now since it's a retired flavor.) leff got the same as j and i went for dublin mudslide. mmmm!

after dessert, we had no luck finding a wii at fred meyer. also no luck in finding neither a greatest hits disc nor a plug and play controller with dig dug on it. but fred meyer does have the pink ds lite! (as if we need another ds.)

today may find us trawling around downtown in search of dig dug or it might reveal a higher purpose in the eating of dim sum. or maybe i'll go back to sleep--it's gross outside.

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