Friday, November 24, 2006

one holiday down, xmaskwanzikah to go

ah, thanksgiving. it's finally OVER and now there's only xmaskwanzikah to deal with before the good holidays start! and by "good holidays" of course i mean NEW YEAR!! in its many shapes and forms. be it the boring "auld lang syney" type we celebrate in the u.s. (that whole ball dropping thing in nyc? it happens at 9 p.m. seattle time. pointless. boring.), tet nguryen dan, nos galan, yuan tan, nouruz or, hell, even hogmanay, i'm *so* there! with bells on, nonetheless.

but first i must deal the final death blow to thanksgiving 2006. say it with me now, "mortal combat" lovers..."FINISH HIM!!!"

and so i shall. here is a photo of my thanksgiving feast.

nachoes and quesadillas. you can assume from this photo that i love guacamole. and that would be a correct assumption on your part.

we also had key lime pie.

of which none remains. because leff and i are pigs. oink. oink.

naturally, i indulged in the food coma associated with this holiday. in fact, i felt quite like this.

and then i took a nap. which was followed by a marathon stretch of "okami" ending at around midnight or so. i think.

so, all in all, not such a bad day. i didn't have to do the family drill since the ones that i talk to (all two of them) are vacationing in chincoteague at the moment. so that was good. but leff was not so lucky. (at least he caught the 'rents while they were on the beltway so he didn't have to talk long.)

so now begins dvd season (no holiday specials for me!) and active avoidance of all things big box store and shopping mall. (er, not that that will be a problem as i actively avoid them as much as possible anyway.) in fact, if i could sleep through xmaskwanzikah and wake up in time to be drunk on new year's eve, i'd be ever so happy.

by this i mean, i'll try not to be cranky on the blog in the coming month or so but i can't promise you anything. the winter holidays and me? oil and water...tequila and milk....tom hanks and decent movies.

so apologies in advance. maybe i'll take up ice skating or something. that might be funny.

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