Saturday, November 18, 2006

i graze my way through saturday, ted stevens honorary dinner

for the love of benji, today was stupid busy! sadly, there wasn't much of anything that was fun, so i'll just give you the food, book and game parts of it.

i got around to trying one of the ben and jerry's prepackaged milkshakes.

i must say, i give it a resounding "YICK!" "how could a milkshake taste so much like tepid pudding?" i wondered to myself. it was then that i noticed this little disclaimer on the bottle.

yeah, it CONTAINS NO ICE CREAM! stay far away from these things, folks. they're capital nasty.

i did feel the love from some hostess cupcakes, however,

so it wasn't a wasted trip to the convenience store.

in honor of ted stevens, dinner was a series of tubes.

ok, it wasn't really but hunting for tubular food at safeway was kinda' fun in that dumb sort of way that i seem to enjoy so much.

later in the day, i read hello kitty hello everything

and was surprised to find out that hello kitty tofu has been manufactured and that (here's the surprising part) i have not eaten it yet. why has that not happened?! i mean, for reals, people!

let's finish this pile of rambling with another crappy video from okami. in the game, you can feed various animals to sort of share the love or what have you. here's what it looks like when you feed a deer. (er, not what it looks like when doves cry. we haven't gotten to that part of the game yet.)

so yeah, that's all for today. tomorrow i might hit the new church of craft at stitches. kristen rask has taken it over so it should be mega awesome!

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