Saturday, November 11, 2006

ddr and ddr cake!

last night was k's bday party at mojito's. whenever x and k throw a party, you KNOW there's going to be some game action!

last night was no exception. it was DDR, baby!

let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've danced in socks on a pad that's resting on a booze soaked chipboard floor. you haven't.

while i really enjoyed seeing x and k and everyone else, i kind of hate mojito's. our party was told that we had the room reserved all night. not so. and then? well, the xbox blew a fuse in the bar. twice. très lame.

BUT! it was still fun! there is no way to NOT have fun when x and k and d are involved. plus d made an AWESOME ddr cake!

(sorry it looks a bit greasy. i had to use the flash because there were no lights save for a solo, moronic, flashy one that was supposed to serve as a "party light". (seriously, mojito's? to whom do you normally cater and why are they so easily impressed by your solo moron light?))

but back to the cake. check out the video!

x added LEDS!! AAAAAH!!! it's a blinking cake!

tomorrow night pink godzilla is having a release party for "guitar hero 2" at a karaoke bar in the id. we are *so* there!


arielle said...

for a split second i thought the cake was the real ddr pad.

r4kk4 said...

that's AWESOME, airelle!!

i'll be sure to let d know! :D!