Thursday, November 16, 2006

a silly launch at the needle

last night i needed to go for a walk. so i braved the rain, wind and basketball crowds (i had forgotten that there was a game at the key when i set out) to mail my student loan payment.

on my way to the post office, i noticed goofy looking lights on the space needle. here's a reallly blurry shot of it that was taken during a rather sizable gust of wind. think of it as really exaggerated motion blur.

right, right, anyway, the lights. they would change ever so subtlety. here is a crappy video so you can see for yourself. (for some reason, youtube refused to embed that vid on my site. oh, well.) (also, note to potential viewer: the lights at the top of the needle fade in and out from blue to green. tres subtle.)

oh, and you're not allowed to drink in the smoking section of the key arena. so don't even think about it.

anyway, since the lighting didn't correspond to any major u.s. holiday that i knew of, i decided to ask someone at the needle what was up.

the condensed version of the response that i was given was "it's for a wifi company's launch."

which brings me to the point of this entry. while putting really big l.e.d.s on the space needle (yes, technically they were lasers but, come on, in my mind, lasers do things and l.e.d.s blink. there was much blinking on the needle.) is kind of silly, at least the company did something for their launch.

i mean, could you imagine how sad it would be for a fledgling internet company to squander their launch by not doing something? like, not even having a launch party? or, at the very least, even having free schwag to hand out? that would be very sad indeed.

so while lighting up the needle was a bit goofy, (and there are MUCH goofier and dumber things. like, saaaay, putting up paper flyers for your tech company on college campuses. i mean, something like that would be just laughable. i couldn't even imagine a company doing that.) i applaud this new wifi company for trying something different. after all, that's what gets you press.

and now to end this really dull post. the sun is shining(!!) and i need to get some vitamin d.


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