Wednesday, November 15, 2006

tagging animals and not much else

thanks to queen anne office supply and their resident pictionary champion (i had to draw what i was looking for because i couldn't explain it well enough.), i am now able to tag animals!

(btw, i think it's marvelous that someone on staff can assist me when i doodle. in fact, i love that whole store.)

the rest of yesterday was a whole lot of nothing. just waiting on grocery delivery, running errands, "okami" and "veronica mars". today i'll be putting some of those tags to their new use. maybe i'll post some photos tomorrow, maybe not. sorry to be so hush hush about it.


Groc said...

look you I told you stop with the coincidences.

that's what I do at work all day long putting tags on toys!

michael said...

There's something very satisfying about finding big rolls of stickers and boxes of labels in stationary shops isn't there. I suppose it appeals to the curator in all of us.

r4kk4 said...


but, but, for some reason i feel as if i'm a part of you, groc. or at least one of your old accounts. ;D (thanks again, btw!)

it *really* is satisfying, wp! i love nothing more than finding things to archive with! :D!