Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a whole lot of nothing plus some melon gum and okami

things i did not do yesterday: purchase needed materials at queen anne office supply, attend the frank black easy street instore, take photos of the crowd at the easy street instore, attend the zune launch thing downtown (because i don't care), anything exciting.

i did chew some melon flavored gum.

don't knock it 'til you try it. melon flavored anything is usually pretty fantastic.

okami (warning! music!) arrived from gamefly yesterday. leff's already started a game and, yes, virginia, it's just as awesome as everyone's been telling you. witness the running prowess of the wolf. marvel at how awful i can make such beautiful cell shading look with just one movie from my camera.

yeah, it's early days yet in the game but i'm *really* looking forward to playing that. but now for sleep. (i didn't doze off until around 5:30 am and i'm tired.)


Irregular Shed said...

You should carve that gum. For sure.

Pip said...

oooh, pretty! I can't wait!!

r4kk4 said...

LMAO!!! shed, you are t eh rox!

you should TOTALLY play that game, pip! in fact, stop what you're doing and PLAY IT NOW!!! (er, if they've released it in the u.k. yet.)