Tuesday, November 28, 2006

conjoined garlic, eggwich, a warning, luuther...i am your father, another pinky photo for shed

i could talk about the (lack of) snow in the city proper but since 1) everyone else is doing it and 2) i don't really get why the whole town is spazzing out so much, i think i'll just move on. (yes, virginia, i realize it's got to do with the inherent dangers of mixing black ice with steep roads and also having too many cars on overcrowded streets but i've dealt with it before on the east coast. it's nothing new. le sigh...)

anyway, while making lunch yesterday, i noticed that my head of garlic was conjoined. see the teeny, tiny bulb on top? it's attached to the larger one below it.

fine, don't get excited about my garlic. pbbbt!

something that actually *is* cool: my sunny side up egg from callykarishokka's etsy shop arrived yesterday!

isn't it adorable?!

while finishing up a painting in the afternoon, i noticed a warning label on the side of my container of dorland's that surely inspires consumer confidence.

i know that i feel *much* safer using a product when a company disowns what it sells. "our wax medium? well, that's out of our control. but we do have some lovely damar varnish that you can take home to mother."

and i can't believe that i didn't mention that i got some tiny donuts at kinokuniya on sunday. i mean, they're toy donuts, for christ's sake! so now i'll over photodocument them. first as luther leia buns

and then again in another pinky photo for shed.

now i need to paint and marvel at the continuing coverage of "snow crisis aught diggity six: seattle edition". *dire background music*


Irregular Shed said...

Oh yeah! Duffman likes what he sees!

r4kk4 said...

*collapses in a heap of laughter*