Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! plus a special HAPPY BIRTHDAYWEEN to groc and a HEARTY CONGRATS to shed!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, CHICKLETS!!! wow, but it's been a great morning so far! first off, shed's make interview was posted today! W00000000T!!! congrats, shed! we're all eagerly awaiting the day when you will be a paid contributor to make!

shed is known for alternative carving. please witness his incredible melon of doooom. (photo courtesy of shed)

(for more lovely photos of the carved melon, visit twindx, shed's lovely blog.)

the esteemed shed's melon carving made me think about what other alternafruit might be hackable. since we have a lot of apples just sitting around and the show about satanic cults that i was watching said "apples! apples! carve the effing apples! *sounds of satanic things*", i did what i was told. here it is unlit:

and with lighting provided from a teeny, tiny flashlight.

it was super fast and easy! plus, i ate it when i was finished photographing it.

today is also groc's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAYWEEN, YOUR GROCKNESS!! i carved him a flaming bunny pumpkin a la the first foster's cheese episode.

see? a flaming bunny!

it wasn't as fantastic as i'd hoped when it was lit

but it did have a pumpkin candle inside

so i was able to have a pumpkin in a pumpkin. for some reason that's important to me. i can't for the life of me tell you why.

anyway, once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! if you get any mr. goodbars tonight, i'll trade you my almond joys!


Irregular Shed said...

Yay one, yay all. Yay!

r4kk4 said...


yours in pwnage,

rakka d

Lisa B said...

May I bask in y'all's glow?

I just read Shed's make thingie, and I'm astounded to hear that Brits don't know what to do with the insides of a pumpkin. No pumpkins pies? Ye gods theoir lives must bebleak! And don't forget roasted pumpkin seeds!

r4kk4 said...

no! no basking! you're too cool to bask!

but thanks! ;D

sometimes i don't know what to do with the insides of pumpkins and i use them to scare the cats. i should've made a movie of that for you...